Fivewalls Reviews of Eily

4.98 / 5 of 45

Brian L.(Buyer, 2021)verified
Had the great pleasure of working with Eily and her husband Zoltan after connecting virtually in May, while I was still in Calgary. I was looking to buy a condo in Toronto over the summer and Eily found my perfect home, only two weeks into my trip. Eily and Zoltan are the perfect tag team as Eily would show me the condos while Zoltan would drive us around so we could look at 4-5 condos a day. Both are extremely knowledgeable about the communities within and surrounding Toronto. In the first day we found the perfect condo for myself! Being a first time home buyer and resident in Toronto, the Bartfai team connected me with an amazing lawyer and home insurance agent. I couldn’t be more grateful for Eily and Zoltan in my home search and would easily recommend them to anyone looking to buy, rent, or sell. Thanks team Bartfai!
Mane K.(, 2021)verified
The housing market has been incredibly competitive for students. Eily was the only agent to connect me with me. She was very knowledgeable about the application process, and worked quickly and efficiently. She went above and beyond in ensuring the apartments I was looking at were in safe locations and met my preferences. Despite the odds stacked against me as a student, she helped me find and secure a wonderful home. Absolute miracle worker.
Garvit R.(, 2021)verified
Eily is a boon in a nightmare. Renting in Toronto for the first time during an ongoing pandemic can be a nightmare. Eily has been a fantastic agent who supported us during the house renting process from screening best fit, showing us places virtually, guiding in the documentation and finalizing a place. I'm happy to have a safe and warm place to live, thanks to Eily. She's your best go-to agent for renting a home.
Nidia R.(Buyer, 2021)verified
My experience working with Eily and Zoltan has been excellent! They are very professional, competent and patient. As a client, I always feel listened and in good hands. This is the second property that I buy with them and I really happy and satisfied with everything. I recommend them 200%. Thanks a lot Eily and Zoltan for always go an extra mile! All the best NR & family
Martina S.(Buyer, 2021)verified
Eily and Zoltan were absolutely wonderful to work with. As a first time home buyer who was unfamiliar with the whole process, their expertise and patience was so valuable. Eily and Zoltan listened to our wants and preferences and found an ideal condo in our price range within a couple short weeks. Both were well acquainted with the real estate market and various pros and cons to look for in condo shopping, and what to look for long term and for resale down the road. They also guided us through a bidding war and the stressful offer process. Both worked all hours of the day and night (sometimes quite late at night) to answer our questions and concerns. They were efficient and proactive in the offer process as well as with dealing with and guiding us through the various steps leading up to the closing. Their professionalism with the vendor agent and strategic thinking also assisted in securing the deal for this purchase from the buyer. We couldn’t have asked for a better (and more patient) pair to assist us in purchasing our condo, and would highly recommend these two to anyone in the market to buy or sell.