Fivewalls Reviews of Eily

4.98 / 5 of 47

Nirali R.(, 2022)verified
Eily is our agent in shining amour, worked twice in a row. She knows her client’ requirements perfectly well and matches their expectations. I’m glad we got her as an agent and would highly recommend her services. She does spot-on due diligence, caters the best options, drives the communication channel and closes the deal smoothly. Thank you, Eily. Happy to have you and work together in future as well.
Bryce D.(Buyer, 2022)verified
Eily is a Master of her Trade, a woman of her word! Zoltan is not only Eily's husband but partner and brilliant business man. What an amazing team to have working for you! Looking for the "right" home can be stressful, but these 2 nailed it and then some. Such STRONG, kind, hard working and dedicated individuals. We meet, and you knew what we wanted and needed before we did! Amazing team and forever grateful for your services. you made it so easy. We highly recommend and defiantly would call on Eily and Zoltan for any real-estate needs. Thank you to you both and Best Wishes
Brian L.(Buyer, 2021)verified
Had the great pleasure of working with Eily and her husband Zoltan after connecting virtually in May, while I was still in Calgary. I was looking to buy a condo in Toronto over the summer and Eily found my perfect home, only two weeks into my trip. Eily and Zoltan are the perfect tag team as Eily would show me the condos while Zoltan would drive us around so we could look at 4-5 condos a day. Both are extremely knowledgeable about the communities within and surrounding Toronto. In the first day we found the perfect condo for myself! Being a first time home buyer and resident in Toronto, the Bartfai team connected me with an amazing lawyer and home insurance agent. I couldn’t be more grateful for Eily and Zoltan in my home search and would easily recommend them to anyone looking to buy, rent, or sell. Thanks team Bartfai!
Mane K.(, 2021)verified
The housing market has been incredibly competitive for students. Eily was the only agent to connect me with me. She was very knowledgeable about the application process, and worked quickly and efficiently. She went above and beyond in ensuring the apartments I was looking at were in safe locations and met my preferences. Despite the odds stacked against me as a student, she helped me find and secure a wonderful home. Absolute miracle worker.
Garvit R.(, 2021)verified
Eily is a boon in a nightmare. Renting in Toronto for the first time during an ongoing pandemic can be a nightmare. Eily has been a fantastic agent who supported us during the house renting process from screening best fit, showing us places virtually, guiding in the documentation and finalizing a place. I'm happy to have a safe and warm place to live, thanks to Eily. She's your best go-to agent for renting a home.