Helpful Renovating Tips When You're On A Budget

Fivewalls: 8 Tips For Renovating On A Budget

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Last Updated: Mar 08, 2019

Whether you want to spruce the house up a bit or increase the value before selling, budgeting for renovations can be tough. But there are ways it can be done on a tight budget while still getting the most bang for your buck.

1. Kitchen Renovations

There lots of ways to improve your kitchen setting without having to tear everything up. Granite countertops are popular, but they are also expensive. Marble, quartz or tile are other alternatives and still look just as amazing.

Re-paint and stain your cabinet cupboards yourself instead of having all new ones put in. Even something as simple as updating all the knobs on the cupboards will make a huge difference.

renovating on a budget, renovating bathroom on a budget, tips to renovating your home when you're on a budget2. Bathroom Updates

Just like in the kitchen, go with something other than granite. Your countertops are not as large in the bathroom anyway, so there is no point in paying the extra cost for a granite vanity. Porcelain or ceramic tiling is good for the flooring because they are waterproof, stylish, and affordable. Updating the knobs and bathroom fixtures can make a huge difference too.

3. Do The Demo Yourself

If you know where load-baring walls are and where to watch out for plumbing lines and electrical wires, doing the demo yourself can help save lots of money. You will definitely have to rent a garbage bin, which should cost anywhere from $150+, but you will save a lot more money by tearing down walls and cleaning up yourself.

4. Multiple Functions

Creating an open floorplan can be expensive, especially when you do not know which walls can easily be knocked down or not. In the meantime, create multiple functions for things in the kitchen like pull-out drawers, using dividers, hanging pegs for pots and pans and mugs. Or in the living room, buy baskets and bins for everything like all your books and magazines. Utilize as much as you can to create more space.

tips for renovating on a budget, renovation tips for a tight budget, how to renovate on a tight budget5. Fresh Coat Of Paint

There is nothing that a fresh coat of paint will not fix. Re-painting your exterior can make it seem like you have a brand-new house! Bring in more neutral colours to the living room and bedroom to create a relaxing and comforting feeling. Paint can be used on the floors and ceilings too. It will give everything a nice new feeling!

6. Leave The Plumbing Alone

It may seem tempting when you are creating a new floorplan but trying to move major plumbing can be a hassle, and an expensive one at that. Even just moving a sink over a few feet can cost up to $1,000, and you will also be paying for a professional too. So try designing around where your plumbing currently is. It could really help save you money for other renovations you have in mind.

renovating home on a budget, renovations you can do on a budget, renovating tips for a tight budget7. Buy Repurposed Wood/Furniture

Second-hand stores are great for finding repurposed furniture or furniture you want to repurpose yourself! Reclaimed wood is another option and will look great in the end. Antique stores have a lot of hidden gems too and older stuff is definitely coming back in style. It also gives you a creative opportunity to start your own fun DIY projects.

8. Add More Lighting

Window installations can be an expensive process, and a tricky one too if your home is considered a historic property. Even if you just want to add one window, you will need permission from the city.

Instead of adding windows, add more lighting (like pot lights) or increase the wattage in your bulbs. Pot lights are easy to install yourself and are not as expensive as other lighting options.

Before jumping into renos yourself, make sure to plan everything out beforehand and come up with a specific budget you do not want to go over. If you do go over, or if unexpected costs pop up, make sure you also have a contingency fund set up just in case. A real estate agent can also help you determine which renovations will lead to the highest increase in value of your home.

Be realistic when it comes to renovating your home yourself. If you are unsure of what you are doing, paying for an expert could potentially save you money in the long run.