COVID-19 Update: Fivewalls is Preparing and Responding


How Fivewalls is Preparing and Responding

For Home Buyers and Sellers

During these uncertain times, planning your real estate goals does not have to stop. Because we take you and your families’ health and safety seriously, we have created a COVID-19 Policy and Procedures. Every Fivewalls Certified Agent is required to conduct transactions fully online. This means that if you would like to purchase a home, our agents will have the tools to complete everything without you having to step outside of your home.

COVID-19 Updated Policy on Home Showings

Our agents have agreed to adhere to the following:

  • No open houses
  • Maintain at least a six feet distance from clients during home showings.
  • Be able to do video showings if clients do not wish to enter the home.
  • Be equipped with medical grade sanitizer and/or antibacterial soap.
  • Not touch anything without the use of gloves.
For your safety, our agents may choose not to show homes to kids or elderly people. They will provide detailed videos of the home in the event that clients are not able to attend showings.

Tips for Home Buyers

  • Set up video conference meetings with your real estate agent
  • Virtual showings
    • Agents can do a virtual walk-through of the home for you so that you don’t need to physically visit the house
  • Schedule personal home viewings
    • Schedule a showing with your agent so that you are the only people in the home
  • When viewing a home, respect the seller’s space by not touching any personal items. For your safety, we recommend that you don’t go into small spaces, such as, closets and bathrooms.
Tips for Home Sellers

  • Fivewalls Certified Agents will offer you a 3-tiered showing system:
    • Virtual tour
    • Scheduled walk around the outside of the home
    • If still interested and you are healthy you will be allowed through the property.
  • Set up video conference meetings with your real estate agent. Fivewalls agents are equipped to help you plan to sell your home without meeting in person.
  • Consider having your agent give you an estimate on what your home could sell by doing a video walk-through.
  • Arrange for all showings to be done via a live streaming video done by your agent.
  • Or, let your agent create a viewing schedule so only one small group is viewing the home at a time.

At Fivewalls we want you to have the best possible real estate experience even during these uncertain times. We are committed to keeping both our customers and our agents safe during this period while providing the best service possible.

We know things are changing every day and we will continue to adjust our policies according to recommendations from the government and health officials.

COVID-19 Prepared Agent

Fivewalls Certified Agents must meet these policies and procedures in order to be considered a "COVID-19 Prepared Agent".

  • Video conference meetings
    • Have the capabilities of using at least one video streaming platform.
  • A sanitary kit including, disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer & gloves
  • A DocuSign agreement agreeing on the procedures
    • Will provide hand sanitizer before going into a property (or if unavailable soap and water to wash hands)
    • Will not enter any small spaces within the home (i.e. bathroom, walk-in closet, shed, etc.)
  • Can provide video tours of homes