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About us.

Fivewalls was founded in 2014 on a simple principle: we champion exceptional real estate experiences.

We want you to have an exceptional experience when selling or buying your home. We know that for this to happen incredibly well, you need a real estate professional you can trust.

We find it crazy that someone would hire a “professional” without fully verifying their knowledge, experience and integrity. Just choosing your friend or your brother-in-law’s cousin because you “know them” has been done for hundreds of years. There really was no other way to get a real estate professional. Well, there was a way if you count picking the man or woman who has a nice smiling face on a bus stop or lawn sign. ☺️

We are determined to provide a modern solution to ensure a skilled real estate professional is vetted and reliable. Plus, our whole team will make sure you are taken care of throughout the process. We will make sure you have the right real estate professional on your side.

The Fivewalls Algorithm Ranks Agents According To Performance

We know that the selling and buying journey has its highs and lows. We also know that the real estate industry is old-school and stuck in its way. We are determined to change the experience and the process. It starts with vetted, hand-picked agents from reputable brokerages who want to be held accountable for their performance. We want you to know that we are picky with our agents; we would not want you to work with an agent that we wouldn’t work with. Our algorithm ranks agents by experience and results. Agents who do not meet our standards are not allowed on Fivewalls. Period.

But it does not end there. We monitor and manage the entire process through to the end. The process of selling or buying a home happens on average 4.4 times in one’s lifetime. It is too infrequent for any homeowner to become an expert and housing markets are very local. So we focus on helping you to ensure your experience goes well from the beginning to the end.

Fivewalls was founded by two very successful entrepreneurs who have many ventures in real estate, Paul Hayman and Lee Piccoli. Both have a deep understanding of the meaning of home and how trust is imperative to a successful professional relationship. In addition, both Paul and Lee have personally had their fair share of good and bad real estate experiences. These mixed experiences were a big reason for the founding of Fivewalls back in 2014. Along with a passionate and seasoned Fivewalls team, they are determined to change the old-school selling and buying process.