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For Home Buyers and Sellers

What Personal Information Is Visible To Real Estate Agents?

None. Real estate agents see the details you provide them, nothing more. When you contact an agent, (s)he will receive your Agent Match assessment results. These details do not reveal your identity.

What Does It Cost?

Fivewalls is free for home buyers and sellers.

Will Real Estate Agents Contact Me?

No. Agents don’t have any of your personal information, including your Agent Match assessment results.

Are The Agents Experienced And Licensed?

Yes. Fivewalls works with experienced and well-reputed agents.

How Long Does The Whole Process Take?

As a homebuyer or seller, you can send a private message to as many agents as you want. The time it takes will depend on how fast you are looking to buy or sell a home.

For Real Estate Agents

How Does Fivewalls Help Me Generate Leads?

Consumers will complete an assessment about the types of skills and experience they look for in an agent. We let consumers choose who they want to work with by giving them free access to agents’ profiles. Agents get leads when a consumer sends them a message through their profiles to inquire about their real estate services.

What Does Fivewalls Consider A Qualified Lead To Be?

A qualified lead is when a home buyer or seller sends a private message through your profile to inquire about your real estate services.

These are buyers or sellers who have already spent time looking through profiles, and have selected you as a potential agent.

As An Agent, Would I Have To Spend A Lot of Time On Building My Fivewalls Profile?

To start, Fivewalls will help agents build a basic profile. You will then review and edit your profile according to your preferences. While we encourage agents to update their profiles frequently, the amount of time you spend on your profile is up to you.

We make it easy to enter and edit your profile information. If you have any problems, our Customer Experience Specialists are always happy to help at support@fivewalls.com.

What Happens If I Get A Bad Review?

You can respond to reviews or ‘flag’ unfair reviews to notify our Support Team. There are a variety of reasons for getting a bad review and Fivewalls provides you with the opportunity to address them.

Home buyers and sellers will look for the way you handle criticism when making their decision; they do not believe that agents are perfect. Getting a bad review will not necessarily decrease your chances of getting leads.

Do You Guarantee A Certain Number Of Qualified Leads Per Year?

The number of qualified leads is not guaranteed. This will depend on the strength of your profile. You can contact our Customer Support Specialists for help on improving your profile and we will send personalized tips after reviewing your profile.

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