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Sold data is from the Toronto Real Estate Board MLS starting January 1, 2018. Information is deemed reliable but not guaranteed. Does not reflect all market activity.
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Why move to Mississauga?


A few decades ago, Mississauga was a blind spot for many potential homebuyers seeking Toronto’s fast-paced city energy. How have things changed in 2021?

Now, Mississauga stands on its own robust foundation of conscientious citizens, thriving businesses, and a diversely vibrant culture.

The beaming light coming from this preeminent Peel Region City far overpowers any potential shadow cast by Toronto.

Of course, Mississauga looks to function in harmony with Toronto and not outshine it in any way. But in doing so, it’s established its own signature identity and evolved into a coveted location for home and condo buyers. A diverse set of homebuyers are being drawn to Mississauga. Whether it’s people from other suburbs, cities, and towns or its current residents looking for a change, the market is on the rise.

How to pick a real estate agent in Mississauga?

  • Start by picking an agent who specializes in your neighborhood.
  • See if they are experienced with your property type.
  • Research your agent’s experience by looking at their past buying/selling deals on an independent real estate agent website.
  • Check their customer reviews on their Fivewalls profiles.
  • Message your favorite agents and start a conversation.
  • Meet them and ask questions to ensure they can do the job for you.
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Homebuyers Moving From Toronto to Mississauga:

  • Attracted to the flexible living options and paying half the land transfer tax of Torontonians.
  • Likely rented condos downtown.
  • Wishing to lay down roots, expand their living space, and build home equity.
  • Commonly have partners or are freshly married and looking to reap Mississauga’s many benefits.

Mississauga ‘Move Up’ Buyers: 

  • Familiar with Mississauga’s many perks.
  • Trying to grow a family.
  • Seeking more spacious dwellings in a neighbour boasting top-notch schools, parks, and plentiful amenities.

West-GTA ‘Transplant’ Buyers:

  • Currently, live in the western GTA.
  • Crave the city life without the stress involved in commuting to Toronto.
  • Desire more walkability and seamless commuting than their current neighbourhood.
  • Are attracted by Mississauga’s diversity and abundant amenities.

First-Time Homebuyers

  • Mississauga gives new homebuyers an affordable option.
  • Favoured living options include entry-level condos, townhomes, and detached dwellings available for a wide range of price points.

‘New to Canada’ Buyers:

  • Consists of both singles and families immigrating to Canada.
  • Attracted to the multiculturalism that radiates throughout the city.



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