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Code of Conduct

Membership Requirements - Agents

  • To be a licensed member in good standing with respective Real Estate Board and Provincial Regulatory Real Estate Council.
  • To have no past criminal convictions.
  • To have no sex related charges past or current.
  • To have no personal or professional bankruptcy (Officer of Company) in the past five years.
  • To have agreed to the “Fivewalls Code of Conduct Requirements”.
  • To have fully completed the Fivewalls profile.
  • To have executed the Fivewalls Partner Network Agreement including the Commission Referral Agreement.
  • To maintain adequate errors and omissions insurance required for their licence.

Code of Conduct - With Fivewalls Users

  • You will serve Fivewalls Users with the highest professional consideration and care as they are Fivewalls' most important and valuable brand asset and the user experience is the brand’s treasured product.
  • You will always be respectful in your style of communication with Fivewalls Users.
  • You will always maintain the highest level of integrity and trust – expected of a real estate professional.
  • You will never “spam” Fivewalls Users while connected as a Fivewalls Partner Agent (FPA) to Fivewalls.

Code of Conduct - With and the Agent Community

  • You will continue to meet the initial Membership Requirements as communicated above.
  • You will ensure that pictures and videos are professionally produced, up-to-date and per the site specifications (resolution, etc.)
  • You will respond in a timely fashion to communication requests from Fivewalls corporate.
  • You will not publicly disparage or degrade another Fivewalls Partner Agent or the Fivewalls site.
  • Please be aware that should Fivewalls receive numerous written concerns from FPAs about another FPA’s integrity, Fivewalls will remove the FPA from the agent listing.
  • Prior to all closings, the FPA reports to the Broker of Record of Fivewalls all required purchase and sale documentation.
  • FPAs may solicit past clients for reviews. These reviews must be from past clients who have completed a transaction with the agent.

Code of Conduct - Termination and Breach

Fivewalls reserves the right to terminate an FPA’s representation with Fivewalls at any time. Should the FPA have paid a fixed annual fee to be part of Fivewalls, Fivewalls has no obligation to return any outstanding pro-rata fee. Termination can be for any reason. The Fivewalls Code of Conduct will be a key consideration in a termination.