How to Pick a Local Real Estate Agent?
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Fivewalls Agent Selection Process

There are over hundreds of great realtors on Fivewalls. All of our real estate experts have been hand-picked and verified by our team. In order to be considered as a Fivewalls Partner Agent, real estate agents must meet the following criteria:

How to pick a real estate agent?

  • Start by picking an agent who specializes in your neighborhood.
  • See if they are experienced with your property type.
  • Research your agent’s experience.
  • Check their reviews on their profiles.
  • Message your favorite agents and start a conversation.
  • Meet them and ask questions to ensure they can do the job for you.

Fivewalls Verified Signature

Home buyers and sellers should look for the ‘Fivewalls verified ’ signature when browsing through agent profiles. This signature means that an agent’s video and photo was taken within the past two years and that reviews are submitted by real clients.

It also means that a representative from Fivewalls has met with the agent and that s(he) meets all the membership criteria required to have a Fivewalls profile.

A ‘Fivewalls verified ’ review means that it has been submitted by a real client and audited by Fivewalls. The team will work to ensure that only authentic reviews can be submitted. Fivewalls will remove reviews that were not generated by an agent’s client.

Our community support team will respond immediately to take down fake or inappropriate reviews. We will never change a review unless an agent proves that it did not come from a client.