Fivewalls Performance Algorithm: How Does it Work?

How Does the Fivewalls Performance Algorithm Work?

Our algorithm ranks every agent on Fivewalls according to the following factors:


Fivewalls Certified Agents are all held publicly accountable for their services. They work hard to provide great experiences and their reviews can speak to that.


Agents who have at least 5 years of experience or more have a higher ranking. We do have a few agents with less than 5 years who are only accepted as they have proven themselves to be able to provide great service. We rarely accept agents with less experience on Fivewalls unless they come highly recommended.

Response time:

This is monitored by the Fivewalls team and reviewed by buyers and sellers like you. Agents are required to respond within 30 minutes during business hours*.

Completeness of agent profile:

At Fivewalls, we value transparency and hard work. Agents who fill out more details and sections in their profiles are awarded a higher rank.

Awards, certificates and skills:

Agents who have earned relevant awards, certificates and skills in real estate can further prove their reputation and hard work in the industry.