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Real Estate Agents with the Best Real Estate Commission Rate in Oakville, Ontario

Fivewalls has asked top agents from different brokerages in Oakville, Ontario to see who would be willing to negotiate their commission rates. These agents are not discount agents and they do not offer lower rates. There’s no catch. These agents have committed to offering fair commission rates because some homes can be easier and take less time to sell.

Only 1 in 10 Real Estate Agents Becomes a Fivewalls Certified Agent

Fivewalls Certified Agent

5+ Years of Proven Experience

Every agent is a full-time real estate professional.

Fivewalls Certified Agent

10+ Transactions Per Year

Fivewalls agents do more transactions compared to average agents.

Fivewalls Certified Agent

Real Estate Expert

Every agent has been carefully interviewed by the Fivewalls Team.

Why you want a top real estate agent in Oakville, Ontario
Fivewalls Agents
Average Agents
Response Time
Within 30 minutes during business hours
Unsure of what to expect
Dedication to Work
Only work with full-time agents
Could be part-time
More than 10 transactions per year to be listed on Fivewalls.
Less than 4 transactions per year
Years of Experience
5+ years
Not publicly posted. 35% of agents do 0 transactions in 1 year.

* Defined as agents who operate under the Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) in 2018. The data comes from a third-party source and it does not include new homes, commercial, private, exclusive, pocket listings, rentals, farms, vacant land, co-listings, only shows 1st partner.

Who are Fivewalls Certified Agents?

We only work with the top agents in real estate. REALTORS® come from the following brokerages:

An experienced agent gets more value for you

When 53% of agents in the GTA do one transaction or less in a year1, we cannot comment on the quality of their service because they do not have a track record. We can only analyze agent performance when agents do at least 10 transactions that allows us to see if they are getting sellers more money for their home and if they are saving buyers more money on a new home. Only 8% of agents do more than 10 transactions per year - that is 5,282 agents out of 54,500 agents in the Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) network. Fivewalls agents must do at least 10 transactions per year.

Agents who can prove their quality of service with reviews

Would you go to a restaurant or book a hotel with no positive reviews? Chances are, you would not because you likely won’t have a good experience. We turn away agents who cannot obtain reviews because it likely means that their previous customers were not satisfied with their service. We believe that if an agent has been in the industry for 5 years or more, getting 30 recommendations from clients is a must. To date, Fivewalls agents have collected 10,137 reviews from customers.

Fivewalls values transparency in real estate

Fivewalls makes money when real estate agents complete a transaction for clients.

Although agents pay us a fee to set up a profile on Fivewalls, we will not work with agents who do not meet our criteria. No agent can pay to have a top ranking on Fivewalls and they cannot pay their way to be featured on Fivewalls. Our agent profiles display as much information as we can verify about an agent. Agents who do not want to share information about their past transactions will be rejected from Fivewalls.

1Defined as agents who operate under the Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB). The data comes from a third-party source and it does not include new homes, commercial, private, exclusive, pocket listings, rentals, farms, vacant land, co-listings, only shows 1st partner.

Still Have Questions?
When selling your home, it’s best to talk to a real estate agent earlier because they can point out things that you may need to prepare before putting it on the market. Generally speaking, reaching out to a real estate agent 2-3 months before you sell gives you more time to prepare. If you are wondering about when would be the best time to sell your home, read about the average time it takes to sell a house.

When buying a home, it’s best to get a mortgage pre-approval before reaching out to a real estate agent. That way, you can make sure that you can afford the homes you view. Read about the most ideal season to buy a house to learn what expert real estate agents have to say.
When selling or buying a property, you want to make sure you get a real estate agent who has experience, works full-time and can provide you with customer reviews. Real estate is an expensive transaction and you can get more money on selling or negotiate more on buying with a top real estate agent on your side. Fivewalls only works with top agents in Oakville, Ontario. You can see how the Fivewalls Algorithm works and how to pick a real estate agent.
You can search for agents in a specific neighborhood in the agent directory by entering your desired neighborhood. Most Fivewalls agents specialize by city which includes multiple neighborhoods. If you would like advice on which agent to work with, the Fivewalls concierge can be reached at 647-503-4665.
While individual real estate agent commissions may vary, most real estate agents charge 5% of the property price when selling a home. When buying a home, the buyer does not pay commission as it is paid by the seller. Real estate commissions can usually be negotiated depending on your property. Read about negotiating real estate commissions.
There are two sides of a real estate commission: the seller’s side and the buyer’s side. If you see advertisements on 1% real estate commission, it is referred to the commission paid towards the seller’s agent. If you are paying your agent 1% in real estate commissions, in most cases the buyer’s agent is still being paid a 2.5% commision. This means that you would be paying a total of 3.5% commission. Read about 1% commission vs. full service commissions.
Fivewalls uses an algorithm to measure agent performance and experience. We take into factors, such as, client reviews, response time, years of experience, transaction history, professionalism and look into their real estate skills before accepting them to the Fivewalls platform. We turn away agents who do not meet the criteria. You can see how the Fivewalls Algorithm and how to pick a real estate agent.
All of the agents on Fivewalls work for our partner brokerages. Fivewalls has a dedicated team whose only responsibility is to source top agents in each city. Agents cannot pay to be featured on the Fivewalls site and they cannot pay our concierge service to be recommended. We are serious about measuring agent performance and quality of their services. Our goal is to remain objective when providing buyers and sellers with great agents.
Fivewalls is completely free for the buyer and seller to find a real estate agent. We get paid by the real estate agent upon successful matches to clients. Fivewalls values transparency and you can learn more about our business model here.
Fivewalls was founded in 2014. More information about Fivewalls can be found on our website.