Best Paint Colours For Your Home Before Selling

Fivewalls: Best Paint Colours When Selling Your House

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Last Updated: Mar 08, 2019

If you are hoping to raise the value of your home before selling, something as easy as changing the paint colours inside and outside your house can make a huge difference. It is also a cheaper option when it comes to trying to increase the value of your home and a way to fix all the holes and cracks that may be hiding under pictures hanging on the walls.

Here are some ideas to consider room-to-room and outside that are becoming more popular.

The Kitchen

Greys and grey-blue colours are great for painting the cabinets. Accent colours like navy and black can help make the light colours pop more, especially if you want to paint the island differently. You also cannot go wrong with white. It will be easy to decorate with and bring in a nice natural light.

The Bathroom

Dark colours are becoming popular for bathrooms, but instead of painting all four walls the same colour, paint one a dark colour like navy or dark green, and the rest white. Use neutral accent colours to bring contrast to the room if you do go dark. Remember neutral colours are relaxing, so show potential buyers they can relax and unwind at the end of the day with a nice bath.

best paint colours for selling your home, which colours work best when selling your home in Toronto, how to raise the value of your home with paint coloursThe Living Room

A living room is a place where the family gathers. Create a relaxing and comfortable environment for everyone by painting the walls whites, beiges, and light greys. Use accent colours when you stage your house like light yellows and blues. Show buyers the full potential and make them see how easy it is to decorate with.

The Bedroom

Pale colours are great for creating a comfortable oasis and again, are easy to decorate with. Pale blues and greys work well for the adults and are actually proven to help relax you because it makes you feel like you are by the ocean. Pale yellows, greens and purples work well for your kids’ bedrooms. They are not over-the-top and create a fun environment!

The Exterior Of The Home

Going with whites is always a safe bet, whether it is eggshell or ivory colours. For the door: try contrasting your light colours by painting the door something bold, like a dark green or even red. Red doors catch people’s eye (but not inside the house).

If you want something dark, like dark blue or dark grey, paint the trimming of the windows and doors white. For the door: you can still do red with dark blue and grey, or try a lighter version of the colour you go with.

Forest green is a popular colour for houses. It makes them look classy and clean and goes well with the landscape. Paint the trimming a neutral colour. For the door: keep your natural wood door or go white.

paint colours to choose when selling your home, how to raise value of home with paint colours, paint colours for selling your homeIf your house is a beautiful natural stone, just repaint the trimming around the windows and doors and make sure it is clean. Keep the tones neutral so it does not take away from the beautiful stone. That will attract people enough. For the door: Red will grab people’s attention and will match the stone. Black will bring a good contrast too and make a bold statement.

If your home is brick and you do not want to paint over it, again, repaint the trimming so it looks new and clean and try painting the door a new colour. For the door: If your brick is white, be adventurous. Try something like orange, yellow, or black to increase curb appeal. Get people to look up at your front door right away and create a welcoming vibe.

If your brick is red or brown, white or beige trimming colours will work best. For the door: try a turquoise colour or a darker red than your brick. If you want to play is safe, white will look great too!

Colours To Try & Avoid For Any Room

  • Solid yellow
  • Bright pink
  • Red
  • Purple
  • Brown
  • Lime green
  • Bright orange