All About Kitec Plumbing

All About Kitec Plumbing

Last Updated: May 27, 2022

This is something that not a lot of people know about. It was a material that was used in the early 2000s in condo buildings for about 15 years. However, they have stopped using it as it has been known to cause floods and other plumbing problems.

If you are a condo buyer or a condo owner and you are looking to purchase or looking to sell, do take a look to see if you have kitec plumbing.

So how do I find out if I have kitec plumbing?

Ask your realtor to pull up the history on the building, or call property management. You could also ask a home inspector to take a look at the plumbing. Kitec plumbing is something that the lawyers will catch when they are closing the property or going through the conditional time period. It is your job as a seller to know if you have kitec plumbing and to disclose it. On the buyers side you should be aware if you are purchasing a unit that does have kitec plumbing.

I found out I have kitec plumbing, what do I do now?

Sellers, you can replace kitec plumbing before your property closes. And buyers can ask the sellers to do that. The negotiation is going to happen between the buyer and the seller in terms of the cost. I’ve seen kitec plumbing range anywhere from $3000 for a small 1 bedroom condo, up to potentially $8000. It really depends on the number of bathrooms that you have and the size of the kitchen.
Have your agent and have your lawyers go through it. Make sure that you understand it in full detail. Make sure that you are aware of what you are getting yourself into. If you have it don’t worry about it, it’s something that can be resolved.


Written by a Fivewalls Certified Agent, Brit McDonald. Click to see her profile! 


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