Fivewalls Top-Ranking Performers February 2020 Greater Toronto Area

Last Updated: Mar 02, 2020

Greater Toronto Area Agents

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Most Profile Views

Agent Name           Profile Views          
Brit McDonald 161
Cynthia Yan 117
Jennifer Romain  92
Gavin Chen 83
Andrew Wells 71
Joe Battaglia 51
Jessie Banwait 41
Lisa Shirriff 41
Bryan Grant 40
Navneet Singh Bhasin            39

Most Reviews

Agent Name           Number of Reviews          
Cynthia Yan 243
Bryan Grant 131
Gavin Chen 125
Gyanesh Paliwal   119
Sunny Purewal  109
Brit McDonald 98
Claude Boiron 86
Jennifer Romain 85
Navneet Singh Bhasin            85
Chantel Crisp 76


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