Tips To Getting Your Home Sold Fast

Fivewalls: How To Sell Your Home Fast

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Last Updated: Mar 27, 2019

Depending on your situation, you may have to sell your home as soon as possible and nothing is more frustrating than having it just sit on the market instead.

One of the factors that needs to be considered is if the market is a buyer’s or seller’s market. But even if you are selling in a buyer’s market, there are still ways to get your home sold quickly!

Finding The Right Agent

Finding the right agent is the first step. Your agent will become your friend and trusted advisor, so make sure you explain your situation so they understand the importance of getting your home sold quickly. They are marketing experts, so ask what kind of services they offer and what platforms they will advertise your home on.

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Part of the marketing involves bringing in professional photographers and stagers to show buyers the full potential of your home. This could really be the most helpful tool for you.

Declutter & Organize

If you do not want to wait for a stager or rent a storage unit while they bring in new furniture, try rearranging your furniture to create a more open space. Make sure to declutter. Keep any toys or pet stuff in baskets so there is nothing laying around the floor. Buy extra shelving if you must, especially for the kitchen. Buyers will love seeing all the storage available in your home so organize closets and cabinets too.

Paint & Repair

If you want to sell your home quickly, large upgrades or renovations are probably out of the question. Instead, focus on things like important small repairs. Make sure all handles and door knobs are nice and tight, get rid of any scuff marks on the walls and trim, and repaint if you have too. If you are unsure about any paint colours you may have in your home, go neutral, both inside and out. Neutral colours are the best way for people to envision their furniture in the space and it is easy to decorate with if you do decide to bring in a stager.

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Neutral colours also add more light to the space, but bring in even more. Whether you bring in accent lighting, add pot lights, or let the sunlight in, buyers will love seeing the bright and illuminated space.

Small Details Matter

Not only should you improve your curb appeal with fresh flowers or plants, but bringing them in the home will appeal to buyers too. Put a colourful bouquet in the dining room and set the table or place a fresh bowl of fruit in the kitchen. Small details like this will catch the buyer’s eye and make your home comfortable and inviting.

Price Fairly

Have an inspector come through pre-listing to make sure you did not miss anything that needs fixing. Afterwards, you and your agent can discuss possible listing prices. You want top-dollar for your home, but depending on the market, the season, and your situation, listing high may not make sense. If you start receiving multiple offers, now it is time to discuss with your agent whether you should accept the highest offer or counteroffer with something different.


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