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Fivewalls: 10 Interior Design Books That Are Sure To Inspire You

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Last Updated: Apr 01, 2020

Looking to get inspired with your interior design? Check out these books to help spark your creativity. 

1. Style & Substance: The Best of Elle Décor

Author: Margaret Russel

Published: 2009

Elle is best known for their infamous magazine in both Canada and the U.S. From discussing fashion trends to healthy food recipes, Elle also came out with their own décor magazine. In this book they feature interior inspiration from celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker, Madonna, Ralph Lauren and more. The images in this hardcover book are colourful and striking and will leave any reader inspired and in awe.

2. The Things That Matter

Author: Nate Berkus

Published: 2012

Nate Berkus is a famous interior designer, best known for decorating Oprah Winfrey’s home. In this 400-paged hardcover book, he talks about his life, how he became successful, and who influenced his style. As well as showcasing homes that he has helped design, he also introduces readers to his own home. He also has a successful television show, Nate & Jeremiah By Design, with his partner Jeremiah Brent, who is also a designer.

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Author: Hans Blomquist

Published: 2012

Hans Blomquist is an art director and interior stylist. His work can be seen in books and magazines for IKEA, West Elm, H&M Home and more. The photographs throughout really show off his unique vintage, industrial taste. He gives tips on how to introduce certain textures to rooms, and how to bring antiques into any room and make it look new again. He also has another well sought-after book from 2014, In Detail: Inspiring Ideas For Creative Interiors.

4. Styled: Secrets For Arranging Rooms, From Tabletops To Bookshelves

Author: Emily Henderson

Published: 2015

This hardcover book is now a New York Times Best Seller and it is easy to see why. Her work has been featured on the HGTV channel and now she is showcasing her vibrant and creative spaces in her book. Each picture is captured fabulously with professional advice on each page. Not only is she a top designer, but she is also an expert when it comes to repurposing older furniture, which will surely inspire those on a tighter budget who want to give their room a facelift.

interior design, Scandinavian design, The Scandinavian Home, minimalist interior design, interior design inspo, top interior design books, top 10 interior design books you have to read, interior design books that will inspire you, Scandinavian interior design, minimalistic interior design, must-read interior design books5. The Scandinavian Home: Interiors Inspired By Light

Author: Niki Brantmark

Published: 2017

Scandinavian styles have really skyrocketed the past few years, with inspiration coming from Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland where homes are very simple and minimalistic. The style is typically very light, natural, and warm. The whole idea behind Niki’s books are to inspire people to continue to live stylishly, but with less stuff. As you flip through the pictures in this hardcover book of 176 pages, you will see how easy it is to live minimally while still creating a beautiful unique space.

6. Simple Decorating

Author: Melissa Michaels

Published: 2017

Melissa Michael’s book of 112 pages is not only a great way to inspire you to try new things, but also a great spot to find tips on how to even begin redesigning your house. Through telling you how to embrace your own personality and transfer it through your designs, she really does a great job of motivating you to start making a change. Her photos throughout the book are colourful and well designed. More of her photos can be seen in her other books like Simple Organizing and Simple Gatherings. She has also released an adult colouring book based off her book The Inspired Room.

interior design, The Library House, vintage interior, antique interior, interior design inspo, top 10 interior design books, interior design books you have to read, how to decorate your home, top books in interior design, interior design inspiration7. Thomas O’Brien: Library House

Author: Thomas O’Brien

Published: 2018

Any vintage lover will appreciate Thomas O’Brien’s style. He is a designer based out of New York City and is the President of Aero Studios, one of America’s leading design firms. In this book, he takes you into his own home that himself and his husband, Dan Fink, who is also a designer, decorated and personalized. It almost feels as though you are going back in time while receiving a tour of The Library since his style is very vintage-based and dark wood and statues appear in every room. He creates a very warm and welcoming environment, even with his darker textures, which is what makes him stand out as a designer.

8. Cozy Minimalist Home: More Style, Less Stuff

Author: Myquillyn Smith

Published: 2018

If you are a minimalist, or want to learn the art of living with less stuff, this book is definitely for you! Myquillyn Smith does an awesome job of helping you realize smart home choices and how to still create a stylish space without a bunch of unnecessary furniture. Her own home has been featured in magazines like Better Homes & Gardens and Cottages & Bungalows. Even with less furniture, she truly helps you feel cozy in your new and improved space.

May I Come In?, interior design books, interior design, must-read interior design books, top 10 interior design books, interior design books that will inspire you, learning how to decorate your home, interior design inspo, vintage interior design, antiques9. May I Come In?

Author: Wendy Goodman

Published: 2018

What makes this book interesting, and definitely worth the read, is Wendy Goodman takes you around the world with her to get a look inside people’s homes. From apartments, to townhomes and mansions, there are so many different styles that are all unique in their own ways. With almost 300 pages of professional interior photographs, every room (and home she visited) really does have its own story to tell. Wendy Goodman is currently the interior editor for the magazine New York, and she has also worked with Harper’s Bazaar, House & Garden and more style magazines.

10. Home Body

Author: Joanna Gaines

Published: 2018

Joanna Gaines is most popular for appearing on the HGTV show Fixer Upper with her husband Chip Gaines, where they renovate people’s homes into a beautiful, rustic and modern space. In this book that was published back in November, she separates each chapter into different rooms of your home so it is broken down easier, and she also helps define what each style means, like farmhouse, boho style, industrial, etc. She truly helps you transform your space into your space, as well as offering tips on where to even begin/how to start planning.


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