15 Popular Renovation Ideas For A Condo (2020 Update)

Fivewalls: Renovation Tips & Ideas For An Older Condo

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Last Updated: Jun 11, 2020

If you have moved into an older condo building, chances are you are not a fan of all the aesthetics inside. However, old does not mean it needs to stay outdated and luckily, you own the condo so you can make changes (if your condo board approves)!

There are strict guidelines condo boards set and you should always make sure to look into them before beginning your renovations and updates. There will be certain things that are off limits to change, like your balcony, windows, plumbing and electrical, etc. You will most likely have to submit a proposal to the board and let them know what work you will be doing. There are certain timelines your building will allow workers in and out as well and a deposit may have to be put down (by you) before they begin working in case they cause any damage to the hallways, elevator, or parking lot.

Once your condo changes have been approved, let the fun designing begin!  Here are 15 popular renovation tips and ideas for your older condo:

Kitchen Updates For Your Condo

  1. Updating kitchen cabinetry is one of the most popular condo renovations, especially if the space is small. People want to utilize as much space as then can and have cabinets that can fit as much as possible, whether that be by installing lazy Susans, dividers or pull-out racks. You also have the option of updating the backsplash to any beautiful design you want!
  2. Countertops are another popular change, with the most popular material being granite. Granite is more expensive but if you have a small kitchen it can be more affordable and will bring your whole look together.
  3. Flooring can be changed too, whether you just want a new tile in the kitchen, or want hardwood flooring to run throughout the kitchen, living room and dining room. Laminate is coming back in style, since it comes in so many designs and actually looks like real wood now.

condo renovation ideas, renovation ideas for an older condo, ideas for older condo renovation in TorontoThe Living Room

  1. Flooring can be changed to whatever you would like. Maybe you want carpet installed for your living space? Or you want hardwood flooring to flow through from the living room to the kitchen.
  2. Changing the paint colour is an easy fix that you can most likely do yourself. Stay neutral so you can decorate with it easily and so more natural light comes in. Or, paint one wall a dark colour and the rest light. That will give it a more modern feel.
  3. Make sure your furniture is appropriate for your space. Do not overdo it with large couches and bookshelves that take up all your floor space. Bring out colour in your accent décor, like vases, bookends, pillows and rugs.
  4. Update the trimming and baseboards around the room. White will make the room brighter and look nice and clean. Darker colours can help emphasize your windows and doors more and give off more of a rustic farmhouse look.
  5. Exposed brick (if you are in a loft or studio condo) is a great asset and can be fun decorating with. If it is a darker brick, maintain neutral colours to bring in more light. If it is a whitewashed brick, emphasize it with dark wood or add colour and fun patterns in your décor.

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Simple Bathroom Updates Can Make Your Condo Look More Modern

Working with a small bathroom could prove to be difficult, especially because you may not be able to move the plumbing around, but you can easily update what is already there.

  1. Update the shower stall with modern clear panels to give it a clean look. Get rid of shower curtains, they can make the space feel more cramped.
  2. The vanity is a popular upgrade and since it is small, it could be affordable to install granite countertops.
  3. Add a fresh coat or paint or change the tiling on the walls and floor. Experiment with dark tiling to create a sleek look, or use dark colours in your accents. Not all bathrooms need tile though. Laminate or wood paneling are popular options too.
  4. To utilize space, keep baskets under the sink to keep everything sorted and tidy. One basket for cleaning products, one basket with your personal things, one basket for towels, one basket for your partner or kids, etc. Try not to leave everything on the vanity all the time, it will make the space feel smaller and cluttered.

Bedroom Decor Can Update the Look and Feel Of Your Condo

condo renovation ideas for Toronto, older condo reno ideas, ideas for renovating an older condo

  1. Update the master bedroom to suit your lifestyle. It is your oasis you relax in every night. Paint the walls neutral colours, like white or beige, or pale colours like grey or blue. They are easy to decorate with and are known to create a more relaxing feeling.
  2. Replace the flooring with hardwood or bring in carpet. If your walls are white, go with an off-white carpet so it does not all blend in. Experiment with accent colours with your bedspread and other décor.
  3. Update the lighting features. Nothing is drearier than a dully lit bedroom. You most likely cannot change the placement of electrical wires in your condo, but you can get the most out of the lighting with different hanging pendants. String lights are popular too for the bedroom and are aesthetically pleasing and romantic. 

There are lots of ways to make your new condo yours. Your style and lifestyle will determine if you want your upgrades to have a modern feel, or more rustic, or chic. The choice is yours. But always make sure you are sticking to your condo boards rules and regulations and do not start making major changes without consulting them first.


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