Dog-Friendly Parks and Locations In Toronto

Fivewalls: 10 Most Dog-Friendly Parks In Toronto

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Last Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Dogs living in the big city of Toronto need spaces for themselves too! If you are new to the city and looking for a location your dog will thrive in, you are in luck. Toronto has 34 off-leash dog parks and 1,500 parks in total. So, there are plenty of places to check out with your furry friend to let them roam free and simply just be a dog!

1. High Park

Location: 1873 Bloor St. W.

High Park is Toronto’s largest park which means there are tons of trails to explore with your dog, and they can enjoy a nice off-leash hike. There is a small fenced-in dog area as well. Not only will your dog enjoy its time walking through the park, but you will too. Enjoy the greenhouse, walking around the ponds, or visiting the Cherry Blossom trees’ peak season (late April – early May).

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Location: located along Queen St. E.

Not only can your pup enjoy an off-leash section in the sand, but they can also enjoy cool off in the water. Let them dry off as you walk along the boardwalk, or just sit down on the grass and enjoy the beautiful sunny weather and listening to the waves.

3. Monarch Park

Location: 115 Felstead Ave.

Monarch Park is 12-acres and dog owners rave it is one of the best dog parks in the city. There is a designated spot to take your dog off-leash, and there are even activities for you to enjoy, whether you want to go swimming or skating!

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4. Coronation Park

Location: located along Lake Shore Blvd.

Coronation Park is a great location to enjoy walking along the shoreline or having a picnic, or both! Your dog can enjoy meeting new friends in the off-leash area, or just lay back on the grass and relax and watch the boats drift off on the water.

dog parks, Toronto, off leash parks in Toronto, Toronto parks, Etobicoke Valley, dog friendly parks in Toronto, dog friendly neighbourhoods Toronto, where to walk your dog in Toronto5. Etobicoke Valley Park

Location: 615 Horner Ave.

If your dog is a water lover, then they will really enjoy walking along the creek in this off-leash dog park. The scenery is beautiful, so you will enjoy the walk too! Just make sure you wear running shoes or rubber boots because the trail and creek can be a bit rocky and slippery at times.


6. Sunnybrook Park

Location: 1132 Leslie St.

There is a dedicated off-leash spot for your dogs to roam, but they can also enjoy a walk around the whole park on leash as well. The trails offer a beautiful scenic route through the trees and you may even spot some horses enjoying the weather too as you walk by Sunnybrook Stables.

7. Allan Gardens

Location: 160 Gerrard St. E.

Although you cannot take your dog through the greenhouse, there is a fenced-in area they can play off-leash and socialize with other dogs. There is also a large playground for kids and gravel paths that wind along the outdoor gardens for everyone to enjoy.

Did you know? The construction of the conservatory was inspired by similar structures in England and has been wowing Torontonians since 1909.

Toronto dog parks, dog parks in Toronto, dog-friendly neighbourhoods in Toronto, where to walk your dog in Toronto, Toronto, parks in Toronto, dog-friendly parks, Sherwood Park, off leash parks in Toronto8. Sherwood Park

Location: 190 Sherwood Ave.

Your dog can enjoy being off leash throughout these trails, and there is lots to explore and sniff! It is a stunning location in every season, especially as the leaves change colour in the fall and lazily flow down the stream. Be careful though as there are wooden stairs and board walks that could get quite slippery when wet.

9. Cherry Beach Clarke Beach Park

Location: 1 Cherry St.

Your dog can only remain off-leash here from a certain time period, but it still gives them plenty of time to enjoy the sandy beach and the lake! It is a great spot to have a picnic or enjoy a nice sunset with your family and pooch.

10. Trinity-Bellwoods Park

Location: 790 Queen St. W.

This popular park spans over 36 acres and is easily accessible no matter where you live in the neighborhood. There is a designated off-leash area for your dog to enjoy, or take a stroll down the pathways with your dog on leash and take in the scenery since there is a lot of green space here.

When you are trying to find the perfect neighborhood in Toronto that suits your needs, remember you have a dog whose needs matter too! Whether you take them to one of the 1,200 parks in Toronto, or to an actual dog-park, make sure you know the rules regarding taking them off-leash. And there will never be a shortage of people in the parks, no matter what time of the year, so it can be a great way for both you and your dog to socialize too!


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