How To Share Your Small Space With Your Pet

Fivewalls: 9 Tips On Sharing Your Tiny Condo With A Dog

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Last Updated: Mar 22, 2019

Living in a small condo does not mean you cannot own a pet (unless otherwise stated under your condo rules). There are ways to raise a happy and healthy dog in your small space with these helpful tips!

1. Small Breed

There is nothing wrong with having a larger dog like a German shepherd or golden retriever in a small space, but they obviously take up more room, especially if you buy them a dog bed. Consider getting a small breed instead if you have no room to spare, or even a medium sized breed like a collie or corgi.

living with a dog in a condo, owning dog in condo, pet owners, condos, Toronto, how to own a pet in a small condo2. Exercise, Exercise, Exercise

If you do not like being in a small space for long without stretching your legs and getting some fresh air, your dog will not either. Take them out for walks more often, especially if they are a larger breed who are prone to hip problems.

3. Look For Units On A Lower Level

When you are trying to find a pet-friendly condo, make sure you are looking at units on a lower level. This will make taking your dog outside to go to the bathroom much easier!

4. Know Your Location

Get to know the area you are in to see what is nearby for your pet like dog parks, easily accessible walking trails, and a vet clinic too. How far away are they from your condo? How will you get there? Are they in walking distance or a short drive away?

condo living with a dog, condo, Toronto, living in condo with a dog, sharing condo space with your dog5. Create A Space For Them

If you do not like your dog jumping on the furniture, particularly your bed, create a small space just for them. Even if it is just in a small corner, provide them with their own bed (and maybe a blanket!) and basket of toys. This could help break bad habits like getting puppy paw prints all over your new bedsheets.


6. Consider Hiring A Dog Walker

If you work all week and your dog is lonely, consider hiring a dog walker to take them out for a nice long walk and playtime! This will allow for more exercise and they may be able to socialize with other dogs too (if they are sociable).

condo, owning a dog in a condo, how to share your space with your dog in a condo, Toronto, dog owning in a condo7. Start Training Right Away

As soon as you bring your pet home, start training them right away. Let them know where their sleeping space is and how to let you know when they need to go outside. If they are a barker, get that under control too. You do not want neighbors making noise complaints because of your dog. The condo building may no longer allow dogs if there are too many issues.

8. Invest In A Small Vacuum

Dogs make messes, there is no doubt about that. Even after wiping their muddy feet off, they still manage to leave dirt behind! Have a small vacuum handy that can easily be stored in the closet when not in use. Develop a cleaning routine. Your space is small and because of that, dirt, dust and hairballs may accumulate more or be more noticeable.

9. Manage The Smell

Give your dog a bath regularly so your small condo space does not smell like a dog every time someone comes to visit! Wash their dog bed and blankets regularly too. Opening up the balcony door and letting fresh air in will help or have a diffuser going when you know people are coming over. Be careful what scents you use though, both in a diffuser or if you burn a candle. Dogs can react negatively to different aromas just like people can.

Having a dog in a condo can be easy when done right. If you work all week, definitely consider hiring a dog walker to entertain your pup and give them regular exercise. And with proper training, they will learn their place in their new tiny space!