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Ajax Real Estate Market – Prices and Stats | Fivewalls

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Last Updated: Feb 01, 2021

When most people think Durham region, the first city that often comes to mind is Ajax. For decades, many associated this well-known patch of Ontarian land with abundant, rich farmlands and a more rustic feel. However, upon entering this historic city bordering on Pickering, Whitby, and Lake Ontario, you’ll take in the hallmarks of a burgeoning metropolitan haven.

Real Estate Prices in Ajax     

Midway through 2020, the average price of homes in Ajax jumped 8% from the previous months, reaching $738,000. Whereas in Toronto, the average home costs $931,000. With the continual buyer interest in Ajax homes, home sellers reap significant returns while home buyers relish the affordable options. 

Now, potential home buyers looking for flexibility will be enticed by the $671,000 average for three-bedroom detached homes in Ajax. Alternatively, four-bedroom detached home average out at $910,000.

For townhomes in Ajax, recent reports show three-bedroom properties averaging $634,000. And their four-bedroom counterparts average at $735,000. 

On the subject of condos in Ajax, recent reports show one-bedroom spaces costing an average of $496,000 and two-bedroom dwellings coming in at $423,000.  

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What is the Property Tax in Ajax?

Ajax’s property tax rate is 1.069755 %. An Ajax home’s assessed value is the basis for its property tax. The Municipal Assessment Corporation (MPAC) evaluates Ontario properties. The final amount is figured out by multiplying Ajax's final property tax rate by what the MCPAC has assessed. 

How Much is the Land Transfer Tax in Ajax?

Since Ajax’s average home price is $738,000, the average land transfer tax should be around $11,235. Provided you’re interested in what it would cost for your specific home, look up available land transfer tax calculators. 

Home Buyers Want to Buy Real Estate in Ajax

Home buyers can’t seem to resist the Durham Region. Ajax real estate has long proven that notion—spearheading the mass influx of people moving into the surrounding area.

Even in the face of the pandemic, expect many homebuyers to choose Ajax. Real estate prices in Ajax are more attractive than real estate in Toronto. The reason? Higher levels of affordability mixed with enhanced quality of life.

Ajax’s real estate market remains competitive with low supply and high demand—proving profitable for home sellers. But the pricing points are appealing to people looking for a city that fringes conveniently on central GTA hubs. 

Bidding Wars in Ajax

Given the impact of COVID-19, many homes have been taken off the market. Listings have dropped from over 300 homes to around 100. Bidding wars in Ajax are likely not as prevalent as they were in 2016. But low supply and high demand are conducive to battles between potential buyers. 

With all that said, there's a reason that bidding wars in Ajax wouldn't be as frequent as they once were a few years back. Spiking unemployment rates have transformed a growing group of would-be buyers into a trigger-shy market.  As a result, the 17 days it was taking to sell a home in Ajax rose to 38. 

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Best Neighbourhoods in Ajax:

Pickering Beach
Bordering on eastern Toronto, Pickering Beach gives its residents a classy neighbour brimming with style and panache. Those living in this area are seen as the Ajax "elite" who live amidst a seamless blend of cottages and modern homes, providing a pleasing architectural contrast. 

Given its status in Ajax, the Pickering Beach community is for residents with firmly established finances. However, those ending up in one of the city’s many other viable – yet more affordable – neighbourhoods will enjoy this gorgeous area’s eye-pleasing scenery. 

South Ajax
Are you starting a family but real estate in Toronto is outside of your price range? Then you should take an in-depth look at the homes available in South Ajax. Within walking distance of Lake Ontario – and situated by Bayly and Salem – this part of town combines convenience and aesthetic beauty. 

Living here means your neighbours will be other families aiming to harness a sense of community with their fellow residents. Typically, you’ll find that townhomes are the most readily available purchasing option in South Ajax. 

The school system in South Ajax is highly heralded, ranked highly throughout the entire continent. For parents with younger children, there are favourably located daycare centers with top-notch staff. South Ajax’s Durham Transit access provides effortless maneuvering around town. And Go Transit offers a hassle-free commute to Toronto. Those who prefer travelling the roads from their driver’s seat will enjoy relaxed trips on local roads due to robust transportation infrastructures.  

Central Ajax
Younger home buyers, or anyone seeking budget-friendly abodes, will appreciate the value brought forth by Central Ajax. The real estate developments in this neighbourhood are characterized by their World War II-era homes and a cottage country vibe. 

Similar to the rest of the city, there’s a lasting sense of community in this neighbourhood. Thus, Central Ajax is a welcome environment for young families looking for a promising start. They’ll enjoy the peace, quiet, and wealth of advantageously situated social amenities and recreational events.

Ajax Has Something to Offer for Every Home Buyer

At the south end of Ajax is its prized lakefront, along with the attractive developments and properties perched along its perimeters. This unique chunk of paradise connects with a genuine national gem: the Trans Canada Trail. It's the longest recreational trail network in the world. Along this beautifully beaten path is the publicly available Paradise Beach, lined with gorgeous cottages.

Provided you aren’t interested in the already well-established Southside of Ajax, North Ajax might be your answer. With continually sprouting developments – such as Mulberry Meadows – there’s plenty of room for homebuyers looking to get in on the ground floor.

Heading over to the west side of this prominent Durham Region stand-out city, you'll find Pickering Village (which, yes, is still in Ajax). Here, you'll enjoy the authentic, delicious cuisine and a wealth of retail options. 

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Types of Home Buyers Moving to Ajax

Many of the people moving to Ajax are from other similar suburbs in the GTA, seeking affordable living options. They tend to be young families looking to lay down roots, confident that the city's schooling and community programs will support their family-based lifestyle. 

Others are leaving Toronto’s hot real estate market because they need more space than what’s offered by small condos. Ajax remains connected to the city while taking a chunk out of the price it costs to live there. 

There's also a growing contingent of immigrants in Ajax. They appreciate the perfect blend of multiculturalism that's synonymous with the city. 

Ajax Transit At the Ready

Over time, Ajax has grown into a hub for commuters travelling to the downtown core for work (and even further southwest). This is a primary benefit of Ajax Go, conveniently located on Westney Road. It's also highly advantageous for residents with jobs situated further east.

Moreover, those commuting north for work will enjoy relatively quiet roads during the morning and night while travelling against traffic. 

For inner-city travel, Durham Regional Transit makes for a convenient option. This intricate, well-serviced system connects across neighbourhoods along Ajax’s north, east, west, and south regions.

Demographics in Ajax

The most recent census numbers from 2016 show that Ajax is a welcome home for immigrants seeking exciting opportunities. Almost 40% of the Ajax’s population consists of residents born outside of Canada.  

Speaking to the budding multiculturalism across the city is the many origins of Ajax's residents. For instance, while most immigrants are of Asian descent, there are steadily growing Jamaican and Sri Lankan communities. 

Recreational Options in Ajax

Those seeking a full recreational schedule will relish life in Ajax. First and foremost is the famous Ajax Casino that's open 24/7, best known for its 900 slot machines. Provided you’re looking for culture, Ajax will satisfy your tastes. The Town Hall, Village Community Centre, and multiple other venues across the city boast talented local artists' work. 

What Are the Top Elementary Schools in Ajax?

Here are the top five elementary schools in Ajax:

1.    Vimy Ridge Public School
2.    St. Teresa of Calcutta Catholic School
3.    Southwood Park Public School
4.    Nottingham Public School
5.    Lester B. Pearson Public School

What Are the Top High Schools in Ajax?

1.    Ajax High School
2.    Pickering High School
3.    Father Donald McLellan Catholic Secondary School
4.    Pine Ridge Secondary School
5.    Cambridge International Academy
Living in Ajax is the ultimate Canadian experience for citizens and non-citizens alike. Those living here won’t run out of good old-fashioned sports bar to watch the hockey. But on the other side of the pub will be Jerk Chicken takeout, a Burrito Joint, or a Sushi spot.

As you’d expect from a city that prioritizes family, Ajax provides a welcoming small-town feel. However, it also possesses the many positive characteristics of a city—those being ample employment opportunities, tons of recreation, and plenty of recreational options. 

Whether you enjoy shopping, eating, or traversing the magnificent outdoors, you won’t run out of things to do. Ajax has it all.

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