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Last Updated: Mar 11, 2019

Whether you are tired of looking at concrete flooring and insulation, or you are selling your home and want to add value to it, finishing the basement may seem like a daunting task.

Where do you even begin?

There are lots of renovation ideas that could bring your family together or attract potential homebuyers.

1. Home Theatre

You do not have to spend a ton of money on a new HD flat screen TV but creating a space to get cozy with your family and watch movies every Friday night is a great renovation idea. Have built-in shelving units around your TV to use for extra storage for things like movies, books or toys.

2. Study/Studio

Depending on your career, having a study/office space instead of working at the dining room table could really help improve your motivation when working from home. Having your own desk and designated quiet space could decrease your stress too.

If you are in the arts industry, create a suitable studio. Sound proof the room or set up your art easel and find inspiration in your new private workspace.

3. Guest Bedroombasement reno ideas, ideas for a basement renovation, if you want to renovate your basement

If you constantly have family and friends staying with you but do not have the space, create a bedroom for your guests or an in-law suite. Create a comfortable space with lots of light so they will not necessarily feel like they are in a basement.

4. Extra Bathroom

Having an extra bathroom could be a life saver if you are always having to share with everyone else! Or it could just be for your guests. Add a shower and a closet and make sure it is always stocked up with clean towels and bars of soap.

5. Playroom For The Kids

Get creative if you want to make a space for the kids to play. Do not go overboard with paint colours but have fun with creating a design! If your kids love a certain animal or TV show take inspiration from that. Buy cute bins and baskets to keep all their toys in so they can be easily be stored away when not in use.

basement renovation ideas, ideas for a basement reno, design ideas for finishing the basement6. Game Room

The adults need a space to play too. Think about investing in a Ping-Pong or pool table! Or, set up a table where you can easily play board games together. Either way, creating a game room is a great way to bring the family together or entertain guests.

7. Bar

If you are not into playing games, add a small bar space instead. There are lots of design ideas to inspire the space:

  • Modern
  • Rustic
  • Farmhouse style
  • Chic

The possibilities are endless as to how to impress all your friends and family when they come over for drinks! Looking to reno your kitchen? Check out these great ideas! 

basement renovation ideas, ideas for a finished basement, 12 basement ideas8. Personal Gym

If you have large workout equipment you do not know where to put, try building a space specifically for it. Having a treadmill in your bedroom actually decreases how relaxed you feel, so creating your own workout space can help keep your bedroom a relaxing oasis. Having a closed space for your workout gear also increases safety if you have small children who are starting to get curious about things.

9. Heated Flooring

Heated flooring has become very popular for adding in the basement. It looks and feels great! It can be placed under tiles, stone, wooden flooring, carpet and more so you do not have to worry about having limited options. It will especially be a great feature for guests to take advantage of.

10. Add More Lighting

Nothing is worse than a dim basement, so add extra lighting. Accent lighting is a great addition to any room and pot lights are nice and easy to install. If your basement windows are small, avoid blocking the natural light coming in with curtains or large furniture.

11. Hide Duct Work

Seeing all the ductwork is unattractive and can make you not even want to hangout in the basement. But it can easily be hidden with bulkheads, or, if your ceiling is high enough, build a drop ceiling. If you are selling your home, homebuyers will love seeing that it is hidden and they still have enough headspace.

basement reno ideas, ideas for finishing the basement, 12 basement renovation ideas12. Fireplace Feature

A great way to add more heat, and make the space look amazing, is by adding a fireplace feature. Create a lounging space around it that your family can enjoy together and stay warm while you watch a movie together. Have a professional install it so they can address the safety issues with you and how it will properly be ventilated.

The possibilities to new basement renovations are endless. But before even starting, make sure you have a set layout design, you know your budget, and you have a team of professionals to help if you are unsure of all the steps to take or you do not have time. It can be a fun project and depending on your lifestyle and interests, you could soon have a new game room, workout room, or your own studio!



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