How Staging Your Home Can Get You Top Dollar

Fivewalls: Benefits Of Staging Your Home

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Last Updated: May 15, 2016

Not only do you want your home to look its best, but you want to showcase all its potential. Home stagers work to prepare your home and property to appeal to the widest range of potential buyers. Each room is de-cluttered, organized, updated, rearranged and sometimes introduced to rental furniture and accessories. When your home looks its best, you can expect a quicker sale and top dollar.

De-Cluttered & Organized 

It’s hard for a buyer to see your home if it’s cluttered with your stuff, even if it’s an adorable teddy bear collection. A staged home is de-cluttered and organised to show how much space your home really has for new owners. This way it's easy for buyers to envision themselves in that space with their own furniture and belongings.

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You don’t need a complete kitchen renovation to prepare your home for the market. In fact, that’s the benefit of home staging! Adding in extra towels, a few plants, and some fresh fruit can really make a huge difference.

A few other simple updates such as a coat of fresh paint or updating an old faucet go a long way too, or simply rearranging your furniture. For example, moving that home office out of the dining room and into a spare room will really appeal to buyers.

Rental Furniture & Accessories 

It’s essential when you prepare your home (or hire professional home stagers) that no room is left empty. Although you might have an idea that a room looks bigger when empty, many buyers will be turned off by this. Remember you are trying to create a lifestyle image in your space. An empty room fills a buyer’s mind with the unknown. In fact, it might tip them off that you’re eager for a quick sale (and willing to accept a lower offer) if your home is empty! Make sure every room is furnished, even if that means renting a few pieces until after you've closed the deal.

Showcase Best Features

Home staging highlights your home’s best features. A living room fireplace you never used now becomes the room’s focal point. Architectural details in the wood trim can be painted for visual effect, or the big bay window can be dressed with new coverings that allow more natural light into the room. Any of these alterations help a buyer see the beauty of your home and can increase your offers.

Whether you attempt to stage your home on your own or hire a professional, the payoff will definitely be worth it. Home staging has helped many people sell their home quicker and for top dollar. The only downside is, while your home is on the market, you will need to live in your staged space and keep it nice and clean! That means getting rid of bad habits and keeping your feet off the coffee table!