Tips On Staging Your Home Yourself

Fivewalls: How To Stage Your Home Yourself

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Last Updated: Mar 04, 2019

There are lots of costs that add up when it comes to selling your home.

Let your REALTOR® know you want to try and save money in some areas, like staging. Below are eight tips and techniques to help you staging your home yourself.

1. Understand Why You Are Stagingstaging your home yourself before selling, how to stage your home on a tight budget, how to stage your home yourself, tips to staging your own home before selling

If your REALTOR® suggests staging and you are not 100% sold on it, ask why you should. Understanding why you are staging will make the process much easier and allow you to see your house from a new home owner’s perspective.

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2. Reduce Clutter

The biggest issue you need to tackle first is clutter. If there are any toys hanging around, put them away in bins on a shelf, not just shove them in the closet. Get rid of unnecessary furniture too, like a coffee table that may not fit the space well. Maximize as much space as possible.

3. Rent Furniture

If you have furniture that is a tad outdated, or has some holes in it, you may want to consider renting furniture that is more modern. You are used to looking at the same furniture every day and may not see how it could be unappealing to new eyes. The cost of renting furniture will be gained back when you sell your home!

4. Mow The Lawnhow to stage your home before selling, ways to stage your home yourself, how to stage your home, staging your home on a budget

It is not just inside the house that counts. Maintain the lawn, clean the windows, get rid of branches and trim the hedges, put the kids’ toys away. Repaint the siding if you must or add colourful flowers to the garden. Increase curb appeal for potential buyers.

5. Let The Light In

Nothing is more unappealing than a dark room. Add lighting (pot lights are great for a basement) and try to let in as much natural light as possible. You could also increase the wattage in your existing lamps. Also try hanging mirrors opposite of windows so the light and scenery reflect off of it.

6. Go Neutral

Get rid of any colourful walls you may have and paint them a neutral colour. Neutral lets more light in, is more calming and inviting, and is very easy to decorate with. Add colour in your décor and accents instead, like curtains and pillows.

7. Add Plants

Add plants and flowers inside and outside your house. Plants can make any room seem brighter and more finished. They are easy to decorate with and are great air purifiers. Even better is if you bring in flowers from your own garden and show the potential new homeowners they could do the same.

8. Look Down/Check Out Your Floorsways to stage your home yourself, tips on staging your home, how to stage your home before selling

If you have original hardwood flooring, great! If they are in bad shape, not so great. You may want to consider having your floors refinished. If you cannot budget for it, decorating with carpets or rugs can go a long way. They can also help make a room appear larger than it really is if placed properly. Even adding a rug by the front door can make your home more inviting.

There are lots of ways you can stage your home to make it more appealing to new eyes. Make sure you are getting rid of clutter and are maintaining the lawn to add curb appeal. Have fun rearranging furniture, adding art to the walls, carpets to the floors, and overall, increase your home’s value and show its full potential.