10 Moving Tips That Will Make Your Life Easier

Fivewalls: Moving Tips That Will Make Your Life Easier

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Last Updated: Apr 03, 2020

Moving day has arrived! It is finally time you create new memories in your new house.

With these easy moving tips, you can create a checklist that will make your move so much easier (and stress-free)!

1. Plan Beforehand

Do not leave everything last minute. Planning the move before it happens will immediately make it seem like a much easier task. Make plans with moving companies or friends and family and set a firm date and time.

Start packing weeks in advance too and make sure you create labels for boxes so you know what box will hold what. If there is furniture or other items you do not want or cannot take with you during the move, donate things first instead of worrying about it after.

2. Hire Movershiring movers, moving tips, moving to a new house, moving tips that will make your life easier, moving checklist, how to make your move easy

If you are just moving around the corner using your friends and family and their vehicles will be cheaper. But if you are making a longer move, hiring professional movers may make more sense. They are used to moves and how to handle certain furniture. They will know how to pack the moving van properly too so things will not get damaged or broken.

3. Eat, Eat, Eat!

A couple weeks before moving, try using up as much food as you can in the fridge and freezer. Reduce your waste as much as possible so you do not have to worry about trying to keep things cold or having to throw things out that could otherwise have been eaten.

4. Pre-Clean New Home

Go to your new home a couple days before moving in and give it a good clean or vacuum. This way you are not cleaning too as you are unpacking.

5. Label Your Boxes

Label what is inside each box and what room they will be going too. Put the labels on the side of the box, not on top, so you can see what you are grabbing out of the moving van (or whatever vehicle you are using). Use colour coding too so boxes with a blue label are for the bathroom, red labels are for the living room, etc. This will make you feel much more organized once it comes time to unpack.

moving tips, moving boxes, tips for moving, moving to a new house, tips to make your move easier, easy moving tips, moving checklist6. Easy Lifting

Want to make moving boxes easier? Cut handles into the boxes. This is way easier than trying to lift heavy boxes from the bottom and will be easier on your back too.

7. Wrap Breakables

Instead of wasting space with bulky bubble wrap, wrap anything fragile with your clothes or put things in your socks. When you are packaging up your plates, put something like a piece of paper towel in between each one to prevent cracks or scratches.

8. Wrapping Your Clothes

A great way to use fewer boxes and make unpacking super easy is to leave your clothes on hangers and wrap a large garbage bag around them and tie the bag around the top of the hanger. Once you move into your new home, simply hang our clothes and slide the bag off.

9. Tying Wires

Use zip ties, elastics, or even hair bands, to keep your wires together. Keep your wires with the necessary electronics so they are not all mixed together and you forget which wires go with what.

10. Clear Bins

Pack the most important items you will need as soon as you move in clear bins so you can see what you need to grab, like toothbrushes and toothpaste, a change of clothes, etc.

Moving does not have to be a hassle. If organized properly, it can be quite easy! Hire helping hands so you know things are being done professionally and make sure everything is labelled so it will be easier to unpack room-to-room. If you need to get rid of things you do not want or need, have a house cooling party or donate your things to charity beforehand.