Things To Consider Before Moving To A New City

Fivewalls: Moving To A New City: What To Consider Beforehand

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Last Updated: Sep 20, 2016

Making the decision to move to a new city is monumental. It can be both overwhelming and exciting. 

Real estate agents Michael F. and Marian W. specialize in helping their clients not only buy and sell homes, but also help their clients with the relocation process. They know what the biggest challenges are and how to help their clients overcome them.

Employment Opportunities

Many people make the decision to relocate because they have accepted a new job offer. But often, a spouse or partner that is relocating now needs a new job. Michael and Marian are quick to tell you that a good real estate agent knows their city and demographics well, so they know if your particular field is in demand and will be honest about if you will have a difficult time finding employment or not.

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City amenities impact your lifestyle. 

  • Are grocery stores close?
  • Is there a movie theatre? 
  • Are there lots of different restaurants?
  • What are the schools like?
  • Are there parks and trails close by?
  • Can your kids easily partake in sporting events?
  • Do you need public transit nearby? 

Michael and Marian say that your agent should be well versed in what will be available and should be able to match your lifestyle needs with a specific location.

Health Care

We often take our health for granted. That is, until something happens. Michael and Marian say that your agent should know which health care providers are available and how long the commute would be, should an emergency arise. If you have someone in the family who requires a lot of health care and frequents the hospital often, your agent should know this important information to ensure you end up in the right location.


Before you move to a new area it’s important to consider the community you will be living with and the people you will interact with on a regular basis. Your REALTOR® should know what kind of community you are moving into. Quiet and calm or hustle and bustle. 

Michael and Marian both agree you should pick a real estate agent who lives in the area you wish to move too. They can give you a first-hand account of the community you will be among and point out all the best qualities in the area.

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"It’s critical your REALTOR® understands what is most important to you," says Michael and Marian. "Are you focusing on building your career? Or are you looking to downsize for a quieter life? Do you need a home close to great schools?"

Your real estate agent should know what’s most important to you in order to find a home that fits your specific needs and enhances your lifestyle goals.

Michael F.  and Marian W.  can’t stress enough that a good agent doesn’t just find you a home, but helps you settle in and establish your new life. Your agents often becomes your first friend when you've relocated to your new city.


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