Top 10 Things To Consider When Moving To A New Neighbourhood

Fivewalls; Top 10 Things To Consider When Moving To A New Neighborhood

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Last Updated: Jan 30, 2019

You get a new job offer, or maybe you want to be closer to your family, and suddenly you are having to pack everything up and move to a different neighborhood you are not familiar with.

There are so many different factors you should take into consideration before you take that big leap. Do not let that intimidate you. It could be the change in your life that you really need! But do a bit of research beforehand.

1. Cost of Living 

It may seem hard to believe that the neighborhood you are moving too just around the corner has more expensive groceries and gas, but it happens. You may be living comfortably where you are, but now you will have to put more money aside for food and the electric bill. Maybe the local market you are moving near is a better option though? Things could also be less expensive too, depending on where you are looking. Paying a lower mortgage means buying groceries and gas and paying that electricity bill will be easier. 

2. Neighbors

  • What are the neighbors like? 
  • Are they the reason the previous homeowners are moving?
  • Are they loud and party all night? 
  • Are they messy? 
  • Hard to get along with? 
  • Constantly having the cops called on them? 
  • Does the dog bark non-stop? 

The questions are endless. But you will never know if you do not meet them. Introduce yourself when you are looking at the property. Get acquainted. Maybe they will have kids the same age as yours and you will make new friends yourself. 

Did you know? People form a first impression only seven seconds after meeting someone.

neighbourhood amenities, moving to new area in Toronto, things to consider before moving to new neighbourhood3. City Amenities 

Depending on how you get to work, you will want to make sure your new neighborhood is accommodating. Parks are nice to have close by too, whether you need to take your dog for a walk or entertain your little ones for a bit. Traffic changes with each location as well. Create a check-list of things to consider:

  • Are bus routes easily accessible? 
  • Are there bike lanes?
  • Is there a train station close by?
  • Are there sidewalks to get from A to B? 
  • Are hotels available?
  • Are there any parks?
  • Will traffic be heavier in this area?
  • Will commuting to work every day take longer?

4. Employment Opportunities 

Your new neighborhood may be a bit smaller now, or possibly more remote. Finding a job before moving may be your best bet, just to ensure you are able to make it work. If a neighborhood is slowly growing, new opportunities may arise in the future. Again, create a check-list of questions or things to think about:

  • Will there still be job opportunities you? 
  • Is it easy to pursue your career in your new location? 
  • Wages and income change too, so will you be making more or less?

5. Education

school areas, moving to new neighbourhood in Toronto, things to consider when moving to a new neighbourhood, living in a school zoneOne of the most important things parents will want to look for is where schools are located. Having your child’s grade school close by is always convenient. Even better is when it is in walking distance. If you are moving into a new neighborhood, just make sure the route is still easy for them, especially if they have to cross traffic now. 

 If you are close to the school, it may be easier to be involved and contribute to different activities too. High schools, colleges and universities are another thing to think about. It will save having to pay for your child to move away and live in residence (unless you want them too!). Having colleges and universities around could also increase the chances of young adults in your family finding a job. Living in an urban area may also make it easier to walk everywhere, since everything is close for students. Although there may be certain things like noise levels and high turn-over rates to think about. 

6. Health Care

Make sure you visit the area first before deciding. It may work for you, it may not. Some questions to ask yourself are:

  • What kind of health issues are in your family, and do they require you to travel back and forth a lot? 
  • Do you have a family member who lives in the hospital’s assisted living unit that you visit every day?
  • Will your new street have a line-up of cars all the time? 
  • Is it a paid parking area?
  • Will there be a constant flow of people walking by?
  • Will the traffic increase?
  • Will it be loud with constant sirens? 
  • Will light always be shining in the windows from the hospital?

Ask people that do live near a hospital, or even a police station or fire hall, if they notice a difference. You may get mixed reviews but at least you will get to hear both sides. 

crime rate, moving to high crime rate area, things to consider before moving, crime rate in Toronto, crime rate in my neighbourhood7. Crime Rate

Crime is everywhere you go. It is not 100% avoidable, but with a little research, you can learn more about the safety of the area you are looking into. Chat with the police department or use for rates and statistics. It gives you the opportunity to check anywhere in the world (so if you are planning on traveling anytime soon it is handy for that too). It will also let you know about the police services in the area, where they are located, and when the data was last updated. Scrolling through the different cities will let you view where there were breaking and entering incidences, car theft, robbery, etc.

8. Proximity

Kind of like city amenities, there are other things you may want to be closer too:

  • Campgrounds
  • The beach
  • Hiking trails
  • Downtown area 
  • Restaurants
  • Churches
  • Movie theatre
  • Recreational arenas

And if you are close to these things now, are they easily assessable or have a simple route to get to each? Perhaps they are in walking distance of each other and you do not have to drive. 

9. Neighborhood Vibeneighbourhood vibe, moving to a new area in Toronto, things to consider before moving

Vibes are easy to pick up on. When you are around certain people, you automatically feel if they are super happy, or easy to joke around with, or if they are angry and you should not talk to them. You should be able to feel the same thing in different neighborhoods. 

  • Is it calm and quiet? 
  • Is it bright and cheerful? 
  • Is it well-lit at night, or is it dark?
  • Are there a lot of kids in the area?

Often when you have a bad feeling about someone, your instinct is usually correct. You should pick up on if you are putting yourself in a positive or negative environment right away. And do not be afraid to ask people in the neighborhood if they like the area or not. Even if their reviews are mixed, at least you have some things to think about.

10. Culture

The great thing about different neighborhoods and being in a big city is how ethnic they are. Being in a diverse community is a great way to bring everyone closer together as they celebrate their differences: 

  • Art
  • Culture
  • Food
  • Beliefs
  • Traditions
  • Languages, etc.

Some neighborhoods like to have certain festivals to learn more about cultures too. For example:

  • Taste of Asia 
  • Festival of India
  • Taste of Middle East Food Festival
  • Toronto Chinatown Festival
  • Toronto Ukranian Festival

The list goes on and it is a great way to get involved with your new neighbors and learn more about them. You get to try delicious food in the process too!   

Moving is a big decision and a lot of time and work goes into it, but do not let the thought of moving to a new area scare you. Whether you are moving to a house just around the corner, or a new neighborhood a few blocks away, it could be one of the best decisions you ever make. 

Even with all these things to consider, remember you are moving for a reason, whether that be personal or work related, or just overall beneficial to your growing family. 

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