Raising Your Kids In Downtown Toronto Vs. The Suburbs

Fivewalls: Raising Your Kids In Downtown Toronto Vs. The Suburbs

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Last Updated: Apr 01, 2020

Living in the city is really convenient, especially if you work downtown or do not have a vehicle. But once you decide to start a family, you may start considering moving to the suburbs instead. While consulting your family, friends and trusted real estate agent helps a lot, it all comes down to your lifestyle and weighing the pros and cons for each option.

Living in Downtown Toronto

There are a lot of great aspects to city living. It is convenient having everything close by and you will never get bored!


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  • Transit is easy to hop on as well, whether you take the bus, subway, or streetcar
  • Parks are around every corner
  • Daycare will be closer
  • There are plenty of schools to choose from for enrollment
  • Commuting to work will be easier if you work in the city
  • There are always festivals to attend no matter the time of year
  • If you live in a condo, some amenities may be available to you and your kids (pool, gym, sauna, rooftop patio, etc.)
  • Easy take part in kid activities at the ROM, the CNE, Ripley’s Aquarium or the Science Centre
  • There are probably lots of other kids in the neighborhood to play with (or condo)
  • Get to grow up learning about different cultures and ethnicities
  • There are a lot of different neighborhoods to choose from to suit your lifestyle
  • There are lots of different food options for everyone in the family
  • Closer to hospitals in case of emergencies
  • More housing choices – condos, townhomes, detached, or semi-detached


  • It is busy, all the time (busy sidewalks and roads)
  • It is expensive to buy both a detached home or two or three-bedroom condos
  • You will most likely get stuck on traffic at least once a week
  • Parking can be very difficult (and is not free)
  • Daycares may have long wait lists
  • Crime rates could be higher, depending on the neighborhood
  • Parks and playgrounds could be busy
  • There are lots of streets to cross with young kids
  • You may not have a backyard for them to play
  • Lots of noise
  • There are higher turnover rates which means new neighbors more often
  • There is more competition with other buyers
  • More dangerous to ride your bike on the streets
  • Recreation centres are further away

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Living in The Suburbs

Living away from the city appeals to a lot of people because it is less busy and homes are not as expensive as Toronto.


  • Toronto, living in Toronto, pros and cons to living in Toronto, pros and cons to living downtown Toronto, pros and cons to living in the suburbs, downtown Toronto vs the suburbs, Ontario, top realtors in Toronto, top real estate agents in Toronto, why to live in the suburbs, why to live downtown TorontoDaycares have shorter wait lists
  • Homes are more affordable and have a higher square footage
  • Less busy sidewalks
  • Bigger parks and walking trails
  • Free street parking (depending on your city)
  • More calm and quiet
  • You may have a big beautiful backyard for the kids to play in
  • There are more permanent residents (lower turnover rate)
  • May have lower crime rates
  • More newly-built homes (saves you money from upgrading or renovating yourself)
  • May be less competition between buyers
  • Easier to get around on your bike


  • Fewer city amenities available
  • Longer commutes
  • Schools may be further away
  • Less jobs
  • Transit is not as easily accessible
  • You cannot walk everywhere you want to go
  • Have to travel further to go to a restaurant or grocery store
  • May lack festivities and other community events
  • Less diversity
  • Harder to hang out with friends and family if they are not close

Your Lifestyle

If you were born and raised within a busy city, raising your kids in a busy downtown area like Toronto may come very naturally. To others, they may want them to experience a suburban feel. Whether you want your kids to take advantage of your condo’s amenities or play in a large backyard in the suburbs is entirely a lifestyle choice, especially considering where your job is located and how far of a commute you are willing to add into your schedule. Also, living in the suburbs does not necessarily mean you are far away from everything, so if you are looking for a middle ground, find a neighborhood that is in close proximity to downtown.

Wondering what the typical real estate agent commission is in Toronto? Check out this breakdown.

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