What To Do Before Moving To A New City

Fivewalls: Tips On Relocating To A New City

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Last Updated: Apr 18, 2019

Moving can definitely be stressful – there are so many things to think about, especially if you are relocating to a new city you are not familiar with.

Whether you need to relocate because of a new job, to be closer to family, or just because you are looking for a change, these tips can help make your move easier.

1. Tour Around The City First

Do not just read stuff about the city online. Yes, it is important to see what people have to say about living there, but the only way you are going to determine if moving to that city is right for you, is by going there. Tour around and get a feel of what it is like. Drive through different neighborhoods, see what stores or parks are around, take note of everything you like and dislike about each neighborhood – this will be important for your REALTOR®.

2. Hire The Right REALTOR®

Finding a local expert is very important. Not only are they helping you find the right home, but they can answer all your neighborhood questions. They may also become your first friend in the area and can introduce you to other people or professionals you may need to use in the future like plumbers, floor installers, electricians and more.

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If you are relocating because you received a new job offer, let your real estate agent know the amount of time you are willing to spend commuting back and forth. If you need to find a job before moving, make sure you research the job market first. Does the city cater to your field or will you have to find something in the meantime until a position opens up? Are you able to get there conveniently for interviews or will they have to be over the phone or Skype?

4. Finding The Right Home

Your REALTOR® is about to become your best friend. Hand them a physical list of your wants and needs so they can determine what neighborhood would be best for you. Include things like:

  • Short work commute time
  • Close to schools (if you have kids)
  • Close to city amenities – parks, restaurants, transit services, recreation centers, etc.

5. Hire A Moving Team

Research different moving companies as you would different REALTORS®. Read their reviews and see what people have to say about them, since they will be handling your possessions that mean a lot to you (and fragile items). Hiring professional movers will ease your mind a little bit, since they are used to it and know how to handle larger furniture or appliances.

6. The Cost Of Livingcost of living, Toronto, tips on relocating to a new city, moving to a new city, what to do before moving to a new city

Each city will have different costs of living, especially if you are moving into a larger city. Get to know the different costs like gas, groceries, and property taxes. You may need to readjust your current budget and make sure you are setting aside more money each month. Even better if it is vice versa and you are spending less!

7. Change Your Address

Make sure you are changing your address on all the necessary items! Do not leave this last minute, there may be a lot to change. Your health card, any paper bills, any subscriptions, etc. You will also need to let your doctors, dentists or vet know that you are moving.

8. Find New Services

As mentioned above, if you cannot commute to your previous doctor’s office or vet, you may need to find new ones near your new home. Are they in close proximity?

You may also need to change your internet, phone and cable package if it cannot be transferred. If you are moving into a bigger city, the services may be more expensive, so do your research and shop around.

9. Donate Unwanted Items

Before moving, if there is any furniture you no longer want, or maybe it will not fit into your new place, donate them or have a garage sale. Do not try and take everything with you if you if it is not necessary.

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If you can, try and take a few days off after you have moved in. This will give you time to unpack and get used to your new surroundings, especially if you have new commutes to get used to like work, taking your kids to school or going to a new doctor’s office. You can also find out where all the cool restaurants are or parks to enjoy a picnic with your family afterwards.




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