Reasons Why You Should Live In Toronto

Fivewalls: Top 8 Reasons To Live In Toronto

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2019

Toronto is Canada’s largest city, which means a wide range of ethnicities, education opportunities, and fun and touristy things to do!

Here are some of the top reasons to live in the vibrant city of Toronto!

1. No Car? No Problem

Toronto’s subway system was ranked third best in North America. No matter what location you live in Toronto, public transit is easily accessible. Even if you do not take the subway, the bus and street car stops are around every corner.

reasons to move to Toronto, top reasons to live in Toronto, why living in Toronto is great2. The Airport Is Close

If you are a travel enthusiast, or just want to go to New York for a weekend, Toronto Pearson International Airport is close for your convenience. Any major public transit routes will take you there too.

3. Food Frenzy

As well as hosting lots of different food festivals throughout the year (Taco Fest, Beer Festival, Caribbean Street Food Festival, etc.) Toronto is home to various restaurants all across the city. Whether you are craving seafood, pub style food, Chinese, Thai, or sushi, your craving can easily be satisfied.

4. Live Music

Toronto has lots of stages for both big and small bands to play, whether it be at the Budweiser Stage, Scotiabank Arena, or Massey Hall. There are always great bands to see or music festivals held throughout the year, like Veld and the Toronto Jazz Festival.

top reasons to live in Toronto, why to live in Toronto, why you should move to Toronto5. Roof Over Your Head

Yes, there is no doubt about it: the Toronto housing market is expensive, as well as rental prices. But if you are looking to move into the big city, there is no shortage in supply. Whether you are looking for a condo, townhome, detached or semi-detached home, there will always be options for you to view.

6. Sporting Events

As well as lots of live music, there is also many sporting events and Torontonians love supporting their teams! Whether they are supporting the Toronto Maple Leafs or the Blue Jays, there is never a bad time to take the family out for the day and cheer on their favourite players.

7. Tour Around Your Own City

Even though you are planning on residing in Toronto, there are still lots of tourist spots to checkout yourself. Take the kids to the Ripley’s Aquarium or the Royal Ontario Museum or purchase a CN Tower package that includes dinner for you and your partner.

top reasons to live in Toronto, 8 reasons why you should live in Toronto, reasons why Toronto is a great city to live8. Coffee Connoisseurs

Toronto is home to many coffee roasters, so whenever you need a caffeine fill, you will not be disappointed. Not only do they have amazing coffee, but the cafés are a nice spot to sit and do your work, or just relax. Pilot Coffee Roasters, Detour Coffee Roasters, Sam James Coffee Bar, and Full of Beans coffee are a good start, just to name a few.

One thing is for sure: you will never be bored in Toronto! Not here yet? Let one of our Fivewalls Certified Agents help you move!