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Whitby Real Estate Market – Prices and Stats | Fivewalls

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Last Updated: Feb 01, 2021

Whitby holds its own when stacked up against some of the best towns and cities in southern Ontario. One of Whitby's most advantageous traits is its attractive surroundings: Pickering, Ajax, and the City of Toronto. Regardless of where work takes you, the commuting options are abundant. Moreover, Whitby has a friendly, flourishing neighbour in Canada's former "Motor City," Oshawa, which has blossomed into a health-sciences innovation hub.  

How Much Does It Cost to Buy Real Estate in Whitby?

Most recent reports show the average price of a home in Whitby at $832,000. Compared to the average home in Toronto priced at $955,615, this price paints a picture of why the Durham Region's core suburb is so attractive.

Detached homes in Whitby are jumping in price. Heading into the end of 2020, they registered a $923,000 average. 

Townhomes in Whitby – as of December 2020 – averaged a selling price of $662,000. 

And by the end of last year, a condo in this Durham Region hub cost $490,000 on average.

It's worth noting that the Toronto Star has reported a rise in less favourable buyer circumstances as of late. Namely, there's been a rise in bidding wars and bully offers in Whitby. 

Whitby Real Estate Market Trends

The average housing price between Toronto and Whitby might be misleading. Whitby's more expensive homes might punch heavily enough in price to muddy up the waters. The average listing price in Toronto for a townhouse is $931,855. And it’s $818,031 on average for a condo in the home of the Maple Leafs and Raptors. 

Home buyer’s interest in Whitby real estate continues to skyrocket as prices for Toronto real estate do the same. Residents of this mixed urban-rural location get the best of both worlds—affordable pricing, small-town charm, and simplified access to the city when they want. 

Home Buyers Are Moving to Whitby

Home buyers interested in Whitby real estate generally aiming to lay down their roots in a sizeable home they can afford. Some of these individuals might be starting families, or they've spent years in Toronto and are looking for space. There are also young couples, married or otherwise, looking to take the next crucial step in their relationship.

While there are plenty of employment opportunities in Whitby, a significant number of residents commute to work. This trend will remain consistent with new home buyers moving to this pivotal Durham Region town.

Whitby Offers Home Buyers More Value Per Square Foot. Here’s another statistic that sheds more light on the difference between living in Toronto and Whitby. Reports from 2018 show that homes in Whitby sell for $355 per square foot, compared to Toronto’s $835 per square foot.

That might not factor into broader averages, but it makes a salient argument in Whitby's favour. You get more value in Whitby’s housing market for your space. According to those statistics, you're paying over twice the price for an equal-sized property in Toronto than Whitby.

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Whitby Real Estate Developers Taking Interest in Growing Opportunities

Throughout the past few years, real estate developers have started paying considerable attention to Whitby. This trend results from interested buyers and a wealth of underused land waiting to be cultivated and fully realized. 

Whitby will likely find itself home to an increasing influx of condos. Still, that upward development won't necessarily hinder home buyers seeking out more grounded options. There still remains an abundance of new low-rise homes sprouting up throughout the continually evolving town. 

A Benefit to Both Buyers and Sellers

Prices continue to rise for real estate in Whitby but remain affordable for buyers. Meaning that those who are selling their homes are reaping sizeable returns at attractive prices. 

What’s the Property Tax Rate in Whitby?

The property tax rate in Whitby is 1.78%. 

What is the Land Transfer Tax in Whitby?

According to the recent reports for Whitby's home prices, the land transfer tax is $13,115 on average. Of course, this number would shift drastically depending on the cost of the home. Use a land transfer tax calculator to figure out your land transfer tax

Whitby: The Heart of the Durham Region

The Durham Region is an integral Southern Ontario cornerstone—a notion consistent with all its thriving towns and cities. Whitby is home to Durham’s headquarters, emphasizing its status as the glue that holds the entire region together. The transcendent town has experienced an urban revolution over the past few decades – illustrated by its burgeoning southern half. Yet, Whitby has stayed true to its rural roots, providing the rustic charm that many homebuyers find irresistible. 

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What Are the Best Neighbourhoods in Whitby?

Taunton North
As an up-and-coming community in Whitby, Taunton North is currently experiencing significant redevelopment. A wealth of eager builders are either on the cusp of completing their real estate developments in Whitby or have just finished. Homes in this neighbourhood are sleek, sophisticated, modern, and substantial. Home buyers with a budget nearing $1,000,000 and in need of 3,000 square feet of space might want to lay down roots in Taunton North.  

Port Whitby
Bordering on Lake Ontario at the south end of Whitby, Port Whitby is highlighted by its strong sense of community. Moreover, Port Whitby’s school system is second-to-none, and the parks are top-of-line. This makes for picturesque scenery and fun for the whole family. 

Brooklin is one of the most sought-after neighbourhoods in all of Durham Region. The homes are the ideal balance of cozy and extravagant, providing a subtle sense of luxury. Located in North Whitby, Brooklin citizens wear their chosen place of residence on their sleeve. It's an interconnected community where everybody interacts like family. Plus, the downtown sector brims with character, charm, and eye-catching architecture. 

Commuters will most be attracted to Williamsburg, given its closeness to all major highways (i.e., 401, 412, and 407). There are also desirable schools for eager parents looking to bolster their children’s education. By choosing a Williamsburg property, you'll join a community that values their home and surrounding locations. 

Rolling Acres
Smackdab in between the 407 and 401 in Central Whitby, Rolling Acres offers variety for your commute. If you're in a bind, there's the expedited 407. Provided you're on schedule, the toll-free 401 will suit your needs. Of course, transportation isn't everything. Fortunately, Rolling Acres holds strong with excellent schools and stunning walking trails that open up residents to partaking in an array of outdoor activities. 

Whitby Has An Evolved Economy

Whitby leveraged its close proximity to Lake Ontario to ship grain and build a robust economic framework during the town’s early stages. Now, the flourishing suburb is more associated with government jobs and educational roles. In 2021, instead of driving Whitby's economy, the famous waterfront is an attraction that adds to residents' quality of life. 

Streamlined and Convenient Commuting

Commuters in Whitby benefit significantly from its streamlined access to Highways 401, 412, and 407. These roads all run through the town, readily available for residents making lengthier treks to work—or play. 

Whether you’re working in Toronto, have family in Markham, or want dinner in Oshawa, living in Whitby makes it hassle-free.  

A sizeable Go Transit station is another factor convincing many commuters to move to Whitby. It makes for reliable trips into the city, where traffic isn’t a factor. For those seeking inter-town travel without getting behind the wheel, Durham Region Transit routes are readily available and in service. 

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Whitby Demographics

With a population of around 130,000, Whitby cracks the top-50 list of largest Canadian municipalities. Whitby becomes more of a multicultural melting pot by the day, as shown by the 25% of visible minorities making up its population.

84% of residents claim English as their first language, only 1.7% grew up speaking French, and 1.4% predominantly talk mainly in Italian. Beyond the above languages, nothing is spoken by more than 1% of the population as a first language. 

No matter where you're from, Whitby is a welcoming community. New immigrants and those who've lived here all their lives can bond over a uniquely Canadian experience filled with rustic charm. 

What Are the Top Schools in Whitby?

Here’s a list of the top 5 elementary schools in Whitby:

1.    Fallingbrook Public School
2.    Earl A Fairman Public School
3.    Jack Miner Public School
4.    John Dryden Public School
5.    St Luke the Evangelist Catholic School

Here’s a list of the top 4 high schools in Whitby:

1.    Pine Ridge Secondary School
2.    Donald Wilson SS
3.    Father Leo J Austin Catholic Secondary School
4.    Father Donald McLellan Catholic Secondary

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