6 Home Staging Tricks To Watch Out For

Fivewalls: 6 Home Staging Tricks To Look Out For When House Hunting

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Last Updated: Apr 03, 2020

There is no doubt about it: a staged home brings out its best features and allows you to see the full potential of the home and envision yourself in that space. But it can also bring out the home’s biggest flaws too.

Be nosy and check behind and underneath things. Here are staging tricks you should be aware of as you are house hunting.

1. Strong Scented Candles

There is nothing wrong with lighting candles during an open house, but if they are overwhelmingly strong the sellers could be trying to mask musky scents or other strong odours. This could be smells from pets or something in the home that needs to be fixed.

staging tricks, what to look out for when house hunting, staging tricks to watch out for, staged home, tricks for staging home2. Closed Blinds

Opening blinds and letting as much natural light in as possible is a great way to show off to buyers. But closed blinds could indicate something else, like an unappealing view, a neighbor’s brick wall, or a neighbor’s uncovered window! This may turn you off as a buyer, so make sure to check behind closed curtains/blinds.

3. Small Furniture

If the furniture seems really small, they could be trying to make the space seem larger than it really is. Do not be fooled by a loveseat and a couple of chairs. If you have a large couch, how are you going to fit it in the space?

4. Mirrors

Adding mirrors to the walls is a nice feature and helps take up large wall space, but if it seems like there is mirror galore, they could be trying to make it seem like there is more natural light than there really is.

5. Hidden Flaws

Hiding holes in the wall or scratches on the floor is easy with the help of picture frames and carpets. Do not be afraid to check behind things. Best to learn now instead of being surprised by unexpected costs later.

staging tricks, stagers tricks, tricks to look out for when house hunting, staging tricks to watch out for, house hunting6. Wide-Angle Shots

A photographer’s best friend is a wide-angle lens. They can capture a small space and make it appear larger than it really is. They are great for capturing a beautiful landscape, but are quite the trickster when used for real estate. This is why it is best to see a house in person rather than just going by photos.

Even if you find flaws with the house like a few holes in the wall, that may not bother you. Certain things are easy to fix. But when you see a space that appears larger than it really is, that is when fixing it becomes a bit trickier and maybe it is best to move onto the next house. The staged furniture may look nice, but remember to think of your furniture and how the space will work best for your things.


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