Tips To Decorating A Small Living Room

Fivewalls: How To Decorate A Small Living Room

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Last Updated: Feb 28, 2019

Living rooms are where family comes together to relax, but it can be tricky if you have a small living room.

These tips will help create a more open feeling, especially for condo dwellers who need some design inspiration!

1. Neutral Colours

It is widely known that neutral colours make small spaces larger. Neutral colours are also easy to decorate with, it reflects natural light, and it is calming. What more do you need?

2. Light Coloured Wooddecorating tiny living room, what to do if you have a small living room, decorating small living room in Toronto

Just like neutral colours, light coloured wood also makes a space seem larger and helps bring in more natural light.

3. Carpets

Make your floor space appear larger with a beautifully designed carpet. Any colour or design will go with your neutral walls and make the room feel more welcoming.

4. L-Shaped Couch

L-shaped couches are great for filling in a corner space instead of placing a couch in the middle of the floor. It will leave your floor space more open for coffee tables or a small chair.

5. Add Mirrors

Add a few small mirrors around the room instead of one large one. It will reflect more light, especially if you can place candles in front of them to create a calm environment.

6. Mount Your T.V.decorating a small living room in Toronto, how to decorate a small living room, living room decorating tips for a condo, tips for decorating small space

Instead of using floor space for a T.V stand, mount it on the wall (and maybe along with some speakers too to make it feel like you are at the movie theatre!)

7. Small Plants

Instead of using a large planter, have small pots or hanging terrariums. Air plants are wonderful for cleaning the air and can brighten up any room they are in.

8. Chests As Coffee Tables

Multi-functional furniture will open up a lot of space, especially if it can serve as your coffee table, a storage unit, and a desk!

9. Shelves On The Wallshow to decorate a small living room, living in a condo with a small living room, decorating your small living room in Toronto

Instead of buying a bookshelf to take up floor space, put shelves along the walls for your books and other décor pieces.

10. Add Vertical Stripes

Vertical striped patterns on your walls make your room look bigger and your ceiling seem higher. It is also easy to decorate with and makes for a great accent design with pillows, vases or carpets.

There are lots of ways to decorate your small living space to make it seem larger, brighter, and more calming. You do not have to buy a bunch of design magazines for inspiration. Create your own inspiration and explore different patterns and designs you have never used or thought of before! You just might be surprised.